Alloy Navigator 7.0.2 Released

Alloy Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of Alloy Navigator Enterprise version 7.0.2. This is a minor update containing a number of improvements and fixes for issues identified in Alloy Navigator Enterprise version 7.0.0 and 7.0.1.

A detailed list of changes in this version is available in the Release Notes document  available on the Support Portal.


Customers with a current Software Maintenance & Support plan are eligible to download this update through the Support Portal.

Alloy Navigator Enterpise 7 Released

Alloy Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of Alloy Navigator Enterprise version 7. This major upgrade offers numerous new features and improvements based on direct feedback from our customers. Here is a list of some of the changes in the new release:

Service Catalog and Service Request Management

Alloy Navigator 7 streamlines Request Management and improves efficiency of technical teams by separating routine requests from break/fix type of incident tickets. Service requests are requests for information or advice, or for common pre‐approved changes that are low risk and follow a standard procedure. They are also used to request access to an IT service. The new Service Catalog provides a centralized, consistent process for your customers to get access to standard services such as password reset, network share access, software request, account/profile modification, etc.

Consumable Assets and Stock Management

Alloy Navigator 7 extends its Asset Management capabilities by providing a functional system for managing consumable IT items. This can include supplies, materials, spare parts, such as printer ink or toner, keyboards, mice, batteries, etc. The new Stock Management functionality helps you ensure that all required supplies are always in stock and in the right amount. You can even set up alerts to notify appropriate staff members when supplies must be reordered.

Redesigned and Enhanced Self Service Portal

The Self Service Portal in Alloy Navigator 7 has been redesigned to adapt to different screen resolutions and support both high-resolution displays as well as tablet devices.

In addition to being able to submit incident tickets, monitor their progress, and search the Knowledge Base for information and solutions, the new version enables users to:

  • Browse the Service Catalog and submit service requests;
  • View equipment available for loan and make reservations;
  • View computers, hardware or software assets that they own and relate incident/service tickets to their equipment.

In addition, department/group managers and other stakeholders now can respond to approval requests waiting for their decision, right from the Self Service Portal.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Time and Task Management features have been greatly improved in version 7. Now you can visualize in Alloy Navigator not only various planned tasks and event dates, but you also see them in line with appointments, meetings, and other events from Microsoft Outlook.

Wizard Action Forms

Alloy Navigator’s best-in-class capabilities for workflow control and customization have always allowed you to implement custom business logic and data entry forms. Now we have added an entirely new level of flexibility with Wizard Forms – a new style of workflow action form that breaks large dialogs into a sequence of wizard pages.

The Wizard Form simplifies layout design and helps with runtime decisions regarding which page should come next – all controlled through custom logic. This helps the user to understand the context for the wizard step, consequently reducing errors while saving time and money on training.

Mixed Licensing Model

The new flexible licensing model gives you the freedom to combine any number of Named or Concurrent Users in a single deployment, based on your access scenarios, usage needs, and budget.

Equipment Reservations

Alloy Navigator 7 streamlines management of equipment that IT issues to end-users. Newly added reservation queues facilitates smooth handling of high-demand items and users now can conveniently reserve equipment right from the Self Service Portal.

Data Archiving and Purging

The new Archiving and Purging feature helps you to clean up outdated tickets to reduce your database size and improve performance.

New Reporting Engine

Alloy Navigator 7 contains all new reports designed in the Microsoft Report Definition Language format. Use out of box, customize them using Microsoft Report Builder, or create your own reports from scratch. Now you can also automatically generate any report according to a schedule and broadcast reports by e-mail.

Password Reset Tool

Alloy Navigator 7 adds the Windows Password Reset utility to its kit for remote/network management tools. Password Reset can be launched from Alloy Navigator as an external tool or through the business logic to reset user passwords.

Improved User-Customizable Dashboards

New reusable dashboard components, widgets, and layouts can be used across multiple dashboards. Each technician can customize their own dashboard within the limits set by the administrator.


Alloy Navigator 7 is immediately avaiable for evaluation and purchase.

Customers with a current Software Maintenance & Support plan are eligible to purchase this upgade with a significant discount (up to 50-70%). Please contact our sales team for further assistance.

Alloy Navigator Enterprise 7 Provides Enhanced IT Service Management Capabilities and an Improved Customer Service Experience

Service Catalog, Enhanced Self-Service Portal and Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration, Plus Other Features Represent a Major Upgrade to the Enterprise ITSM Solution

Nutley, NJ (Oct. 28, 2014) – Alloy Software, Inc., a leading provider of IT Service and Asset Management solutions, today announced the launch of Alloy Navigator Enterprise 7. The new release focuses on industry leading practices for Service Management through features like Service Catalog and Self Service Portal integration. Version 7 also features new and improved functionality across the board, including support for consumables, stock management, equipment reservations, and Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration.

Designed for medium-sized and large organizations, Alloy Navigator Enterprise is an ITIL-based IT Service Management and IT Asset Management solution that is widely used across a broad spectrum of industries, from hospitality, entertainment and tourism to engineering, manufacturing, financial and government organizations.

“Developed in response to today’s evolving IT demands with direct customer input, Alloy Navigator 7 delivers a complete and highly versatile IT Management solution for mid-sized and large organizations,” explained Vladimir Vinogradsky, President and CEO of Alloy Software. “Alloy Navigator 7 helps customers better manage changes to IT infrastructure, take control of costs and resources and embrace industry best practices to achieve a superior service experience.”

“As a longtime customer of Alloy Navigator, the feature list in Alloy Navigator 7 looks truly impressive,” explained Steve Pullar, IT Director of Reach Contact, Ltd. “I look forward to putting it to good use immediately.”

Service Catalog and Request Management

Alloy Navigator Enterprise improves the efficiency of IT teams by separating routine requests from break/fix incident tickets. The new service catalog provides a centralized, consistent process for employees to gain access to standard services, advice, or common pre‐approved changes. It can be utilized to automate standard requests such as password resets, network share access, and account/profile modifications.

Enhanced Self-Service Portal

The redesigned Self Service Portal now adapts to different screen resolutions, and supports both high-resolution displays and tablet devices. In addition to being able to submit incident tickets, employees can monitor their progress and search the knowledge base. It also enables users to browse the service catalog, submit service requests, view equipment available for loan and make reservations.

Consumables & Stock Management

Alloy Navigator Enterprise provides a functional system for managing consumable IT items, including supplies, materials or spare parts such as printer ink, toner, keyboards, mice, batteries and more. The new stock management functionality helps users ensure that all supplies are always in stock and in the right amount. Users can set up alerts to notify appropriate staff members when supplies must be reordered.

Equipment Reservations

Alloy Navigator Enterprise streamlines the management of equipment that IT issues to employees. Newly added reservation queues facilitate the smooth handling of high-demand items, and users now can conveniently reserve equipment right from the self-service portal.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

IT personnel can now visualize Alloy Navigator Enterprise tasks and event dates within Microsoft Outlook’s calendar along with other appointments and folders.

Other Features & Functionality

Alloy Navigator Enterprise now supports Windows Phone 8 and includes an automated reporting generator that can schedule and broadcast reports via e-mail. Other features include quickly inserting frequently used blocks of text, such as standard replies, troubleshooting recipes and signatures, into support tickets. Data archiving and purging, Wizard Forms and the ability to personalize dashboards and calendars as well as automatically track time spent on projects are also supported.

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